BYOD Is Changing the Business World

This isn't a new idea in the workplace. "Bring-Your-Own-Device" drives innovation for CIOs and the business by increasing the number of mobile application users in the workforce. Introduce the most advanced virtual desktop that can be accessed through an individual app, eliminating the security issues of using a personal device, and giving a user freedom to choose any device they want.

81% of companies are going to allow BYOD by the end of the year, with 50% requiring it for work purposes by 2017.

  • Increased Productivity and Innovation

    BYOD provides amazing flexibility to businesses and their users. Users are able to access the business applications and data they need to work from any location, on any computing device, at any time. This is a huge step for businesses because employees can continue working even when they need to be away from the office. BYOD allows organizations to take advantage of new opportunities that weren't within grasp before. Users no longer need to feel tied down – they can be productive from anywhere with BYOD.

  • Cost Savings

    Running a business costs a lot of money. When you add up the prices of hardware, power and upgrades, the total amount is large. So what if you could lower these costs? Thanks to BYOD, businesses will save when some costs shift from the company to its users. Lower the costs of purchasing new hardware and data services while experiencing high quality computing solutions.

  • Collaboration and Employee Satisfaction

    With BYOD, users can work off of devices they choose and invest in. This personalization will boost employee satisfaction and create a more positive work environment. Happy employees do better work. It's as simple as that. And when users can access their information freely, the collaboration within your company never needs to stop, even if your employees aren't in the same location. This constant communication can help businesses grow and innovate as user-generated ideas become bigger and better.

We offer solutions that enable you to introduce BYOD efficiently and securely in your business. CloudDesktop and CloudOffice are perfect for companies that want to embrace this new way of working.


With this Desktop as a Service solution, you can access your applications on any device globally. CloudDesktop is changing the way people do business in the workplace, allowing the business world to go mobile. Users are no longer chained to their office computers, but rather, they can access their data freely. This is the future of computing as it allows businesses to be more flexible and productive. Freedom and efficiency can now go hand-in-hand.


CloudOffice is a secure, all-in-one solution set combining the following services: Infrastructure as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service, Desktop as a Service and Hosted Microsoft Exchange. With this solution, businesses will work in an enterprise-grad environment that is controlled and monitored around-the-clock. With CloudOffice, you will have solutions that support collaboration and mobile workforces created by BYOD.

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