Apollo Office Systems has expanded its expertise to a more advanced level in the virtual world. A complete cloud computing solutions is being offered to our esteemed clients with quite a number of amazing and irresistible features.

Before we talk about our products, know what cloud computing and cloud computers are. It might be little vague and tenuous to us, but if viewed from an IT point of view, this technology can create wonders in your corporate world.

Cloud computing is fundamentally a large database connected through internet which is operated by large cluster of remote servers. This computing helps you to store huge volume of data, build processing of tasks and gives access online for servicing and resourcing.

Cloud Computing can be classified in to three;

  1. Public
  2. Private and
  3. Hybrid

Apollo Office Systems has incorporated this marvelling technology in latest projects and has introduced a series of well formed cloud computers in the market. We have number of data centres which comprises a series of interlinked computers powerful enough to impersonate every system and co-operation in your work area. Our proficient in the field will help you with cloud computing to replace your pc and laptops costing a fortune with uninterrupted and speedy virtual computing through data centres.

Apollo Office Systems provides you with the following kinds of Cloud Services:

  1. Utility Computing
  2. Saas
  3. Paas
  4. MSP
  5. Internet Integration
  6. Service Commerce platforms
  7. Web Services in the Cloud

How is Apollo's Cloud Service beneficent to you?

  • Cheaper: You can save more than 50% of your monetary resources by not having to upgrade software and applications in many computers and also by reducing the maintenance of hardware.
  • Low Energy Consumption: Since there is no working computer, you need not worry about the electricity bill rising sky high or the rodents chewing off the cables and wires. Our cloud has auto back up facility and a crash proof mechanism.
  • Prevents in building new infrastructure: Needless to say, new systems, new computers and hardware would require more space and different infrastructure. Cloud computers lessen the stress of building a complete new structure as everything is accessible through server thereby reducing the incorporation of new computers etc.
  • No need to frequently upgrade each system with scheduled time etc. The main server automatically upgrades with new version, troubleshoots and conducts time to time maintenance.
  • Cuts down the down time efficiently.
  • Eco-friendliness: Since power and energy consumption is lessened up to 50%, with us you are also involved voluntarily to make the world a better and greener place to live.

Apart from cloud computers, Apollo Office Systems have also a special wind under it – Cloud Printing. With the use of Apollo Cloud Printing, you can make your printer available to you anytime of the day through everyday applications.

Cloud Printing works in a simple yet efficient way. You can send your data and files to be printed to your printer when it is connected to web. The files are transferred with precision and utmost security.

Apollo Office Systems is one of the leading cloud computing and cloud printing provider in Houston,TX area with round the clock services and 24/7 customer support system.

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