At Apollo Systems, we're a client-focused solutions provider. We take the time to listen and dig deep in order to fully understand your business and IT needs. In fact, we're here to help you make smart decisions, thereby enhancing your competitive edge while growing your business.

Network Solutions

Our approach is transparent. We share our analysis and roadmap with you in order to produce a more collaborative partnership. We have the ability to architect and streamline MPLS networking with features such as Managed LAN/WAN, Managed Router, Managed Network Security and more. All of our end-to-end network solutions are customized. Not to mention you get:

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Security

For advanced custom network solutions, we have an MPLS network powered by Ethernet. Through our advanced MPLS IP network, your private data is security even while servicing various sites. Through our Managed Router Services, we manage:

  • Provisioning
  • Router configuration
  • Installation
  • Management
  • Maintenance
  • Optimal resource allocation

Furthermore, our reporting services gives you enterprise-wide network access and visibility through a convenient and secure web portal. This way, you can monitor your network traffic and utilization.


Apollo Systems is a full-service network infrastructure and telecommunications cabling company. We offer cabling systems to support high-speed data and voice communication networks–this includes both coper and fiber optic cabling.

What are the benefits of cabling?

Fiber cabling transmits over long distances through light impulses. The cables are a bundle of thin glass tubes coated with an insulating cladding and banded together. An LED is placed at one end of the cable as a light transmitter. Our cables allow signals to be transmitted over a greater distance without the need for amplification.

Also, you don't have to worry about cross-talk or interference between lines. Not to mention, our cabling can support practically any bandwidth or speed requirement in one cable package. Not only are we a reputable cable installer, but are an affiliate of the Fiber Optics Association in addition to having current FOA certification.

Apollo Systems believes in providing quality solutions and services, while exceeding your expectations. Plus, our people are our most valuable asset.


Apollo Systems offers customer support from your project's inception to completion. We help you understand how to design, add to or modify your network infrastructure. All of our approaches are based upon industry standards and manufacturer developments.

Moreover, our technical staff provides installation services for voice and data cabling, as well as audio, paging and video systems. We provide the following:

  • Project time line
  • Scheduling
  • Cost management
  • Closeout processes

In addition, we ensure you receive detailed test results and drawings.

Cloud Computing

Why overwhelm your existing IT infrastructure when you can adopt cloud services? Our cloud computing services can replace your traditional servers and IT services used for daily business processes. Plus, it's a much more flexible option for growing alongside your organization.

With decades of experience supporting businesses such as yours, Apollo Systems ensures our cloud computing offerings are both affordable and scalable.

We provide:

  • Cloud servers
  • Cloud backup and disaster recovery
  • Cloud business continuity
  • Cloud hosted exchange

With our fully managed virtual servers, your business can get the processing power it needs for critical business applications without having to set aside a budget for traditional hardware purchases.

Also, our cloud backup and disaster recovery services give you a secure and offsite location to store your sensitive business data–this means no more sleepless nights.

Even if your information systems incur damage, our cloud business continuity services ensures you get to continue business operations. Not to mention, your email system also becomes more affordable through limiting administrative overhead.

Data Recovery

When it comes to data recovery, we have earned our reputation of being the most trusted in the industry. We can recover all types of data from  hard drives, RAIDs, solid state drives, flash drives, and tapes. We can also perform Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL database recoveries. Regardless of the failure cause, our engineers can retrieve any file type from any storage media.

We take pride in the fact that our data recovery experts routinely work on complex projects with the objective of recovering data from mission-critical enterprise servers. Every recovery project receives our full attention because we understand how important this process is for all organizations. We make every effort to get your business back to the business at hand.

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