Apollo Office Systems is an established leader of imaging and processing mechanism, dealing with sales and rental of scanners all over the country. Scanner Rental options from Apollo Office Systems offer you top quality image processing; speedy uploads of pictures, exclusive editing facilities and more than 10 dozens of scanning modes to select from.

We provide scanning solutions and service to home, office, industries, and to production departments as well.

Types of Scanners:

The different models of scanners for sale we are offering are as follows:

  1. Office and home scanners
  2. Workgroup scanners
  3. Production scanners
  4. Departmental scanners
  5. Network scanners

Office and home Scanners:

These are compact scanners usually comes with a laser printer and/or copier. The office and home scanner contains all the basic facilities of a scanner such as image processing, correction, crop, file and store. One touch image scanning with quick and easy editing options is also available. Documents, files, books, and other notes can be scanned effortlessly and within minutes.

Features include:

  • Any kind of paper size like A4, A5, B5, B6, Business cards, letters, invitations etc. can fit (high-end model)
  • Speed of processing starts from 8 seconds to 3 seconds per image
  • Resolution starts from 150 dpi to 600 dpi for color and 300 dpi to 600 dpi for black and white
  • USB port 2.0 available

Workgroup Scanners:

Workgroup Scanners are perfect for small organization or offices with limited scanning work. Two types of models are available in this type- flat bed and sheet fed. One of the most flexible and easy to operate scanners which can be customized with email, ftp files and pdf files scanning

Features are:

  • Resolution of output is up to 600 dpi
  • Sheets capacity include 50 to 80
  • Flat bed maximum size is 5.8" to 4.1"
  • 2.0 and 3.0 USB interfaces

Production Scanner:

These scanners are highly recommended for production units where minimum of 1,00,000 copies everyday is being scanned. With high withstanding power and long lasting mechanism production scanner satisfy all your needs such as high throughput, consistency and suppleness.

Exclusive features include:

  • Excellent image resolution, wide variety of editing options such as grey style, black and white, sepia and other color modes etc.
  • Scanning speed starts from 90 pages (180 images) to 120 + pages and 240+ images per minute
  • Resolution is up to 600 dpi and the speed of the output is up to 300 dpi in color, b/w and grey style modes
  • Landscape, portrait and letter scanning available at 200 dpi
  • 2.0 USB interface, ultra wide and ultra slim slots available

Departmental Scanners:

These scanners are very cost effective scanners with higher throughput, video interface and other important additional features like document imprinting. Departmental scanners provide finest performance with impeccable nonstop round the clock service. Apollo provides you with unmatched performance and premium image processing capabilities.

Unmatched features are:

  • Paper size varies from 2" x 3" to max 11" x 17" ADF
  • Simples and duplex speed that provides 50 to 80 ppm and 100 to 160 ppm respectively
  • Paper input is up to 100 sheets at a time
  • Ipm in monochrome, grey style and b/w modes
  • Up to 600 dpi output resolution

Network Scanners:

Network scanners make scanning all over your official branches much easier and comfortable. Your emailing, faxing and other networking processes can be integrated with network scanner and get delivered with exact and precise output.

How does it work? Very simple! All you have to do is load the file or image you want to scan, connect to your network connection, select your desired destination and press the scan button.

  • Now get things scanned across the globe within seconds with just few touches on the scanner
  • Output resolution goes up to 600 dpi
  • Highly secured network transmission helping to improve business
  • Paper input up to 50 sheets
  • Simples and duplex speed that provides 20 to 25 ppm and 40 to 50 ppm respectively

Apollo Office Systems also provides end to end services such as scanner for rental and sale. We sell high quality accessories and service options as well. Whenever you want a scanner for sale or rent, you can simply give us a call or email us your requirements. Our executives will be delighted to respond promptly to you with your desired service or product.

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