Credit Card Processing

Apollo Office Systems offers you with unique way to deal with money transfers in business from customers. We have a wide range of Credit Card Processing machines that are easy to use and comprehendible and uncomplicated.
Credit Card Processing is the dealing of electronic payments for the business and the functions involved here are;

  • Receiving sales data from the merchant
  • Transaction authorization
  • Collecting cash from the bank which is issued through credit card
  • Delivering payment to the merchant

American express, visa and master cards are few channels through which this system comes into force. The credit card processing involves 8 important steps to show the flow of transactions

  1. Goods are purchased from a show room or shop
  2. The number of ways the information can be intermediated to the bank are
    • Standard Terminal : Standard phone line acts as the medium here
    • IP Terminal: Internet connect with a customized terminal acts as the channel
    • Processing Software: Highly secured computer software is used as the terminal (e.g.: PC charge)
    • Payment Processing Gateway: Internet website communicates with the bank through a banking gateway ( e.g. online shopping portals)
  3. The bank routes the transaction to Visa, MasterCard or American Express
  4. It is thereby routed to the respective banks
  5. The bank then sends an authorization code if the cardholder is approved
  6. Visa, AE and MC sends the code to the acquiring bank
  7. The acquiring bank confirms the code and issues a bill and receipt to the consumer as a proof
  8. The consumer pays the bill

We at Apollo Office Systems deal with quite a few models of premium quality Credit Card Processing machines which are the proof to a safe business dealing employing cutting edge technology.
Few of the notable features are:

  • Dynamic 32 bit processor
  • Multi application
  • PCI PED approved PIN entry capability
  • Dual-com connectivity
  • No paper jam
  • Supports long paper rolls
  • LED display
  • Quick and efficient operation
  • Highly reliable and cost effective
  • Alphanumeric options
  • Power back up
  • Support other essential cards such as loyalty, gift cards and membership cards

Call us today for availing one of the most dynamic service supports in merchant service segments. We will ensure you the most secured service with adequate emphasis to your system security. Adopt our services once and we will make sure that you look no further for any kind of merchant services.

We can tailor make a solution to fit your business that will not only save you money, but will increase your profit by saving you time and possibly incorporating a new way to receive credit card payments. Choose from Online solutions, mobile apps or fully compliant terminals.

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