Printers are one of the most essential and frequently used office equipments. Every company at some point of business would definitely require this machine to print, scan or copy. The needs and requirements of each business vary depending on the size and type of the business; a small scale industry would require more of a Xerox copier and printer; at home we might more be inclined in buying something which is ready and easy to use with scanning and copying option; a media company would require large size printer so as to print life size posters and banners etc, some might require complete fax functionality and editing and effects option.

Apollo Office Systems understands your requirements and this is why, we have dedicated our business in providing you with best of services. Apollo Office Systems is one of the finest leaders in the market of home and office copiers, printers, large format printer plotters, scanners, fax machines, wide format printers, laser printers etc.

Wide Format Plotters:

Plotters are traditional printers used for printing vector graphics and related images using pens. Computer Aided Designs (CADs) are printed through plotters. Building construction plans, machines drawings, architectural drawings are printed with plotter.

Large/ Wide Format Plotters are usually used to print large rolls of papers containing maps, structure, building plans, machinery plans etc. The machine is similar to the conventional printers and copiers except, in this a pen is used to move over the sheet of paper to imprint graphics and images.

Large format plotters are capable of imprinting complex and intricate lines but are quite insufficient while filling in colors, though close sequence lines printing can be achieved seamlessly by plotters, which is why engineers prefer this kind of printers for precise and accurate idea on the designs and layouts.

Cutting plotters are used to cut sheets of papers and boards for exclusive purposes.

Features of Wide/Large Format Printer Plotter:

  1. Unique touch operations and vibrant in functionality – Wide display with superior quality sensors with chic style for better navigation
  2. Customized software applications – New features include emailing facility where printing options are directly from your email.
  3. Large screen offers you to adjust, rotate view image or graphic before printing

Our wide range of products and services include:

  • Xerox printers
  • Multi function/All in one printer
  • Wide format printer
  • Wide format plotter
  • Laser printers
  • Fax machines
  • Ink & Toner

Since the competition is growing, Apollo Office Systems are also expanding and branching into other exclusive services; now our services also includes

  1. Printer scanner and copier for rental
  2. Used and refurbished machines for sale
  3. All types of printers and plotters for service
  4. Merchant services – credit card processing machines
  5. 24/7 assistant from veteran technicians
  6. Quick and proficient resolutions
  7. Cost effective offers and discounts
  8. Guaranteed products
  9. One to one problem solving solutions

Our customer centric approach and customized solutions has made us well known and prominent all over the country. Feel free to give us a call or email us your requirements, we will be happy to provide you a customized and prompt option.

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